Vacancy: Sales/Collection Officers

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Location Jalingo, Taraba State

Amachon Technology Limited is an indigenous technological solutions company duly incorporated in Nigeria by CAC with registration number no: RC-1630997.

The company specializes in the areas of; General IT services, Edu Tech, Agro Tech, Entrepreneurship, Research, and Planning.


We are looking for an experienced and smart Sales Officer to join us. You will be responsible for leading and coordinating the day-to-day activities of the sales team. Besides, you should be able to build and maintain long-term customer relations. Your job role will also require you to recruit and train team members.

You should be able to develop and implement effective sales strategies and sales targets. Moreover, you should also be able to review current market trends and competitor offerings. You should also be able to address customer queries and help them make the right purchasing decisions. In addition to this, you should be able to prepare and present accurate and detailed sales reports.

To be able to perform in this job role, you should have an excellent sales record. Furthermore, you should be a sales-driven and customer-oriented individual. Your ability to handle customer requests professionally and promptly will be advantageous.

If you can help our company drive excellent sales results, then do get in touch. We would love to have a word with you.

Building and maintaining long-term relations with customers

Recruiting and training Sales Consultants, Sales Representatives, and other team members

Addressing any customer queries and guiding them with their purchasing decisions

Maintaining an accurate and detailed record of all sales

Preparing and presenting sales reports to the higher management

Assisting in the development and implementation of sales targets

Collaborating with the Marketing department to develop various promotional activities

Researching current market trends and making a note of customer requirements

Reviewing competitor product offerings

Making cold calls to attract potential customers

Developing effective sales strategies

Diverting customer requests and complaints to the relevant departments

Coordinate efforts to collect debts with sales, accounting, and legal departments.

Create plans and strategies for collecting debts.

Adhering to financial laws on the regulation of debt collection.

Contact and communicate effectively with debtors by phone to negotiate and implement debt recovery plans.

Search publicly available databases to track down people who default on debt, perform background checks and issue loan documents.

Prevent repeated payment negligence by working out practical debt payments.

Negotiate settlements to receive payments on certain percentages of debt.

Maintain electronic records and hard copies of all payment plans, amounts paid, and communications.

Deliver statements of delinquencies and satisfied debts to credit bureaus and remove outdated records when debts have been satisfied.

Initiate repossession and other legal proceedings if debt recovery plans fail.

Advising on repayment plans that are appropriate for the degree of debt and the circumstances of the consumer.

Bachelor’s degree in Sales, Marketing, Business Administration, or a related field.

Minimum 5 years of work experience as a Sales Officer, Sales Lead, Senior Sales Representative, or a similar position in the Sales department.

Complete knowledge of various sales techniques and developments in the sales industry.

Holding an impressive track record of achieving sales targets.

Excellent communication and presentation skills.

Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

Good time management and organizational skills.

Highly motivated and detail-oriented individual.

Strong leadership skills.

Ability to conduct in-depth research.

Ability to offer excellent customer service

Work by key performance metrics.

Strong verbal, written, and interpersonal skills.

Confident and brave personality to approach and work with disagreeable defaulters.

To apply for this role, send your CV to or our head office in Marete Plaza, Along Catholic Cathedral Road, Off Yola Road Mile Six, Jalingo Taraba State. We will contact you for further arrangements.

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