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Under our education Technology service, we partner with schools and other educational institutions in the areas of;
ICT Education: – Where we deploy highly trained professionals to schools as instructors to help provide sufficient and up to date practical knowledge to students on computer, it’s uses and application to various fields of life.
School Management System: – with this service, we designed online platform for schools. A platform that takes care of the following; school fees payment and management (this helps manage school fees payment procedures as it allows students to pay school fees online from anywhere around the world at any time and also keeps track and record of all transactions).
Result Compiler/Checker: (this will make it easy for teachers to be able to compile students results within a limited period of time. And students will have access to their result anywhere, anytime once it is ready).
Attendance Marker: (the online platform will include a daily attendance column for both staff and students of various class).

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